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The Best Picnic Tables For Kids of 2020

If you’re sick of your kids taking over your outdoor dining table, then get them their own space! Who knows, maybe they’ll even make it a place to play outdoors away from electronics.

The best picnic tables for kids should be compact and easy to maintain. Here are the best kids picnic table options available on the market. 

Best Picnic Table for KidsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Lifetime Products Inc. Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic TableSuper durable and easy to clean.♥♥♥♥♥
Step 2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic TableIncludes and umbrella and folds up flat for storage.♥♥♥♥♥
Amazon Basics AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench SetBright yellow and no assembly required.♥♥♥♥♥
Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic TableHas an umbrella and includes buckets for water or sand fun built-in!♥♥♥♥♥
POLYWOOD Outdoor Kid Picnic TableEasy to clean and weather-resistant.♥♥♥♥♥

Best Picnic Tables For Kids (and Outdoor Tables, Too!) 

Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

Image of the Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

The Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table is a 32.5-inch picnic table made just for children with rounded corners and a waterproof design. It’s constructed of high-density polyethylene, and it’s made to withstand impact on the corners, making it ultra-strong and durable. Up to four children can sit at the picnic table at one time, helping to free up space at the adult table. 

With a traditional style, the table has benches attached to the base of a table for one solid piece of furniture. The layout allows for the table to fold down, making a flat surface ready to store in the garage, a shed, or even outside against a wall. Moreover, the table and bench seats are UV-protected and stain-resistant, making them super easy to clean. 

Finally, the strong polyethylene and powder-coated steel structure mean the table won’t crack, chip, or even peel. The company guarantees its craftmanship for two years with a limited warranty. Also, the seats and tabletop come in a nice almond color ready to blend into your backyard.

LIFETIME 60229 Kids Oval Picnic Table

Image of the LIFETIME 60229 Kids Oval Picnic Table, Glacier Blue

If you like Lifetime tables, you will love the LIFETIME 60229 Kids Oval Picnic Table, as it’s the same brand and has the same features, except it’s blue and more oval-shaped than squared off. Like the last option, this one seats up to four children comfortably. What’s different about this option is it offers an adjustable table height with a push-pin adjustment feature. 

You can fold and unfold this table quickly so you can start it in off seasons or even bring it with you to a campsite. It comes with a durable steel frame with an all-weather finish making it easy to clean. Moreover, the table is UV protected, thanks to the polyethylene.

Furthermore, the powder-coated steel frame sits on little stoppers to keep it from wobbling. Add this to the more comfortable rounded shape, and you will have kids fighting less, even if they get just a little less space on the oval tabletop. It also comes with a vibrant robin egg blue color ready to delight children. 

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Step2 tables are similar in quality and look to Lifetime tables. Take the Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella. It looks similar to the Lifetime kids table on this list, with almost the same color scheme of tans, blues, and greens for a piece of dining furniture ready to blend into your backyard.

Also, this table snaps together without tools to make setup a breeze!

Disassembly is as easy as the setup so you can fold the table flat for storage or travel. Furthermore, the set comes with an adorable umbrella ready to block out light and UV rays. The umbrella is also foldable and easy to store. You can use the table without the umbrella if you prefer. 

Four children can enjoy the table at once, but it’s best for tiny tots as the table is tiny and can only support forty pounds of weight. It does come with a little more design detail, and the highly-durable plastic washes easily. You can keep it outside all year long, thanks to the waterproof design ready to function perfectly in your life. 

AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench Set

AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench Set, White

The AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench Set offers a modified picnic table, as in the benches aren’t attached to the table, but it works perfectly with a little extra space for legs. What kids will love are the bright yellow legs and the bright white top – although you can pick a natural wood top, too. This table is full of sunshine and warmth, ready to encourage children to enjoy the fun of summer. 

Parents will love that the table doesn’t require any assembly! The solid wood construction offers kids quality ready to last for years and in their size too. Kids can use the table and bench set for meals, playing with blocks,  or even arts and crafts. A large bar in the center of the table frame helps to offer stability to keep drinks from spilling over the edge. 

Use the table inside or outside, but you may want to cover the table to give it a longer life outside in the backyard. It’s also a lightweight table you can easily move around as you wish. When you need the benches out of the way, just tuck them into the table to conveniently store. 

Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic Table

Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Convertible Wood Activity Sand & Water Picnic Table w/ Umbrella, 2 Play Boxes

Multipurpose tables like the Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic Table make life easier by entertaining children. Not only does this table function as a picnic table, but also a play table! You can take the three middle boards of the table out to reveal two blue buckets you can fill with toys. 

If you want, you can even use the buckets for water or sand and create your own water play table. When you are ready to use the table for eating or arts and crafts, put the boards back on for a fabulous surface. The middle board has a hole built-in for the umbrella that comes with the table. 

Next, the green and white umbrella adjusts to shade the table to protect kids from the sun. All these features and its made of durable wood with the seats built-in, ready to hold four kids on the roomy benches. It works best for children ages 3 to 7 years old. 

Last of all, what’s truly wonderful about this table is it can hold more weight than other tables with a 220-pound capacity. You may want to treat the wood to help improve its lifespan, otherwise, it’s perfect. 

POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture Kid Picnic Table

POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture Kid Picnic Table, Lime-Recycled Plastic Materials

How does a picnic table made of recycled materials sound to you? That’s what you get with the POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture Kid Picnic Table, an earth-friendly and durable picnic table that looks like real wood. Although it looks like wood, you don’t have any of the work of taking care of wood! Instead, you get a grass green table with low-maintenance to blend into your backyard. 

A few minor issues with this table include the lines in the table. They may be the perfect place for little kids to get crumbs stuck. Also, the table doesn’t fold up. Nor does it have a place for an umbrella. However, it’s low maintenance and uses UV-stabilized colors to prevent the need to paint, strip, or resurface the table. 

Not only will this table not need work, but all the hardware is also made with nylon-coated stainless steel that won’t rust. Moreover, the recycled wood won’t rot, crack, splinter, or grow bacteria. It’s built to withstand outdoor water! 

Wash it down with a little soap and water, and this table will look brand new again! If only you could do the same with your kid’s room! Speaking of room, there’s room for four kids!

Little Colorado Child’s Picnic Table

Little Colorado Child's Picnic Table- Unfinished

Are you looking for a traditional children’s picnic table? Then you need the Little Colorado Child’s Picnic Table because it’s exactly what you want – an unfinished picnic table ready to provide a dining space for your children to sit outside. Of course, you can use the table inside, too. 

If you like high-quality wood ready to personalize yourself, this is the table for you. It’s unfinished so you can paint it, stain it, waterproof it, or do anything else you want to the table. You can even leave it as is, but it will reduce the life span of the table if it’s not finished. 

It does not have a hole for an umbrella, but as it’s unfinished, it’s easy enough to add in a hole before finishing the table. Do all the work before you assemble for the easiest process too. The table also has zinc and nickel-plated hardware for quality. 

Furthermore, the table is made right here in America and meets all safety requirements. The table can support up to 200 pounds, which is plenty for the four children who will fit on the four benches. However, the table does have some gaps in the planks, making it harder to clean. 

Your Zone Folding Kid’s Activity Table

Innovative and Sturdy Your Zone Folding Kid's Activity Table with Two Benches,Soft Silver,Perfect for Homework,Arts and Grafts,Games,Wonderful Addition to Kid's Bedroom,Play/Activity Room,Classroom

Another fabulous option for a picnic table is the Innovative and Sturdy Your Zone Folding Kid’s Activity Table. It’s a modern table ready to work both inside or outside and improve your space with extra seating and dining options. Kids can use the table for homework, snacks, or eating. 

You will love the table’s ability to fold up in half and stand against the wall. Also, the table can be used only half-way, too, if you only need two extra seats since you can keep the other half folded. 

It’s suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and can support up to 115 pounds safely. Up to four kids can use the table, and it fits in smaller spaces. Moreover, it has a convenient handle for transporting. 

Lastly, the table is made of sturdy steel and polypropylene construction for long life. You can use the table inside or outside, but it’s made for indoor use, so store it inside when possible. 

Teamson Kids – Wooden Picnic Table

Teamson Kids - Wooden Outdoor Child Children Kids Picnic Table & Chair Bench Set - Wood/Petrol

The Teamson Kids – Wooden Picnic Table is an adorable two-tone picnic table. If you want an adorable option to spice up your back yard and provide a space for kids to play and eat, then this is the choice for you. It comes in a bright wood and teal color to stand out against the sea of green and brown. 

Next, the table is both environmentally safe and lead-free, making it a fabulous option for your children. It’s already finished in an Earth-friendly and kid-safe water-based stain. All this with solid pine wood. 

Kids ages three and up will love the table. Although, parents might not want a table that doesn’t fold up or include an umbrella stand. However, this picnic table will save you money and look adorable in the process. 

Do remember, wood furniture requires more care, but offers the best curb appeal and durability. 

Jack & June Circular Redwood Picnic Table

Jack & June Circular Redwood Picnic Table

The Jack & June Circular Redwood Picnic Table is a unique picnic table with four individual seats instead of two benches. Moreover, it’s made of redwood to resist warping and other issues you might deal with from other woods. Also, it’s beautiful with light and redwood tones for a gorgeous effect ready to improve any backyard. 

With this picnic table, you don’t have to worry about kids kicking each other or fighting for more room on the picnic table. However, it takes up a little more space and has a smaller tabletop. You have to make sacrifices to stop the fighting, moms. 

Next, the table doesn’t fold up, and kids may have a hard time reaching food comfortably as the slats on the table prevent them from sitting super close to the table. However, the circular table is perfect for outdoor eating and tea parties. Even stuffed animals and dolls will love the table!

Finally, the table comes ready to assemble with pre-drilled holes, so you only need about a half-hour to assemble your new backyard addition. 

Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chair Set

Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chair Set, Ladybug Folding Picnic Table Set with Removable Umbrella for Indoor Outdoor Garden Patio, Gift for Children Boys & Girls

Toddlers and little kids will love the Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chair Set, Ladybug because it’s adorable and comfortable. The set includes four pieces with two chairs, a table, and an umbrella. This is the set your kids will enjoy outside for long hours of play and snacking. 

Next, you can rest safe with a sturdy set made of metal with non-toxic PP material. You can also adjust the height of the umbrella to help little kids stay out of the sun. When you are done with the set, you can fold it up and stow it away. 

Finally, the bright red and black ladybug or beetle set adds fun to your yard and encourages children to get away from screens. It’s all made with a conscious design with non-slip feet, and a space-saving style. It assembles quickly, too, saving you time. 

B. spaces by Battat – Kids Furniture Set 

B. spaces by Battat – Kids Furniture Set – 1 Craft Table & 2 Kids Chairs with Natural Wooden Legs (Ivory and Mint)

If you are looking for an adorable and modern table and chair set for your kids, then check out the B. spaces by Battat – Kids Furniture Set. It comes in pastel colors of mint green and cream with accents in wood. The three piece set includes two chairs and a table. 

Kids will love how comfortable this table and chair set is, and moms will love the sleek and easy-to-clean design. You can put the set together without any tools as all you need to do is screw the legs onto the table and each of the chairs. 

Cleaning the toddler table set could not be easier thanks to the super easy-to-clean plastic. The sturdy wood legs add support with a mid-century modern design. 

Finally, the table is large enough to add in a couple of extra chars if you want to fit four kids around for lunch outside. It’s also perfect for toddlers looking to have a tea part with dolls! While it doesn’t fold flat, it does come apart, making it easy to store out of the way when necessary. 

Vidasway Kids Table and Chair Set

Vidasway Kids Table and Chair Set - 3 Pcs Folding. Use Indoors and Outdoors. Safe and Sturdy - Holds Up to 220 Pounds - Convenient Carrying Bag - Gender Neutral - Turquoise and Purple

The Vidasway Kids Table and Chair Set offers convenience and function, although it’s not the cutest set available. While the set doesn’t look as cute as the other options, they did use fun bright colors to improve its image. The bright purple and blue table is the most portable set available and it’s multifunctional.

Each of the three items – a table and two chairs – includes its own handle to help make them move easily. All three pieces fold up and back out in just seconds for quick use. They are strong, too, as each chair can hold over 100 pounds, making these sturdy and ready to hold kids until they outgrow the chairs. 

The set is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. They also click into place with an audible sound to give you peace of mind. Cleaning the solid surfaces couldn’t be easier, either. 

Store the whole set in the included bag and take it on the go with you for picnics or extra seating at family events. The set is great anything you can imagine, including camping, in the backyard, and even in a playroom. 

Costzon Kids Plastic Table and 2 Chairs Set

Costzon Kids Plastic Table and 2 Chairs Set, Adirondack Chair for Indoor & Outdoor Garden, Patio, Beach, Home, Toddlers Boys & Girls Activity Craft Table Set (Blue)

How about an adorable Adirondack chair set for your backyard? The Costzon Kids Plastic Table and 2 Chairs Set offers just such a set either in bright red or blue to make your back patio kid friendly. It’s durable and comes with a table and chairs perfectly sized for little kiddos. 

The chairs stack together and are lightweight so you can move them around as you like. Mind you, though, the set is best for toddlers, and kids will outgrow this set rather quickly. However, the set is so cute that you won’t care how fast they outgrow the set.

It’s easy to clean although it’s plastic made to look like wood so it has open splats ready to lose food that will drop to the floor. Overall, it’s functional, adorable, and easy to clean. Also, each chair can support 66 pounds. 

Simplay3 Kids Durable Play Around Table and Chair Set

Simplay3 Kids Durable Play Around Table and Chair Set

The Simplay3 Kids Durable Play Around Table and Chair Set utilizes plastic to create an adorable and functional table set for little boys and girls. It’s safe, sturdy, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The smooth top table allows kids to draw or eat without dealing with slats like you would with a traditional picnic table design. 

Next, you get a gender-neutral set with a gray table and chairs in blue and green. The set doesn’t fold down, but it’s small and takes up very little space. Even better, it’s heavy-duty yet lightweight and ready to allow for picnics outside. 

Finally, the best feature is that the table and chairs set doesn’t require any assembly! Just pull it out of the box and give it a quick wash before sending your kids out to use the table for play dough, drawing, snacking, or hosting a teddy bear tea party!

Step2 Junior Chic 3Piece Furniture Set 

Step2 Junior Chic 3Piece Furniture Set | Kids Plastic Play Table & Chair Set | Colorful Sleek Modern Design

The Step2 Junior Chic 3Piece Furniture Set offers a modern and fun addition to your backyard. This three piece set provides two funky chairs and a table to help kids eat or draw outside. Moreover, the set is colorful with lime, raspberry, and bright blue pieces. 

Not only is it a stylish set but also comfortably designed to let kids lounge in the sun. It’s tough plastic that’s durable enough to withstand the outside elements. It’s also super easy to clean with fluid lines and no grooves to lose crumbs in on the table or the chairs. 

The set is also lightweight, portable, and easy to rearrange. Furthermore, the table has room for two kids to eat at and space under the table for kids to place their feet. Food won’t spill off the table either thanks to a built-in lip!

Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set

Humble Crew, Vibrant Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set

With the Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set you get an affordable and storable table and chair set. You can use the set both inside and outside, but you will want to store the items inside if possible to prevent water from filling into the legs. The whole set is made with lightweight plastic that’s sturdy and easy to put together.

Take this set out for picnics on warm weather days then take it into the house. You can also snap the pieces together quickly and apart just as fast. The brightly colored plastic set includes four chairs and a table all in a different color. 

The boot of the chair legs includes non-slip stickers to keep the chairs from moving around. It’s great for little children and nice weather. Although, you need to bring the set in for winter to make it last. 

Buying Criteria for Picnic Tables For Kids

Take a look at a couple of factors that will help you to determine your needs when it comes to a picnic set for children. 


Table and chairs should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand anything your kids do. From eating to drawing and more, kids are rough on furniture and toys. Try to pick a set ready to keep up with your kids. 

Wood and polyethylene are the most durable materials. However, wood requires a lot of maintenance, but it looks better. Meanwhile, plastic doesn’t look as nice but is maintenance-free and easier to clean. 


All the table and chair sets on this list are safe and ready to protect your child from falling. However, you do need to monitor young children when using any furniture as they can find inventive ways to get hurt.

Wood is always the best option for durability but can offer some safety issues if unfinished or if kids aren’t monitored while using. 

Keep your kids safe and make sure they know to sit on the chairs and not stand on the table or the chairs for the most safety and to increase the life span of the furniture. Also, make sure to check the weight limit and get a new table and chair set when your children outgrow this set. 

Function and Purpose

Next, you need to determine what you want from a picnic table from kids. If you want an occasional table for bbq’s, then you may want an option that folds up flat and stores away.

However, if you want a set ready to spend time outside with your kids for any and all activities, you may want a set ready to withstand bad weather and stay up all year. 

FAQs for Picnic Tables For Kids

How can I waterproof a wooden picnic table? 

You can paint, stain, oil, or treat a wood table with a sealant to help make it waterproof. This is a process you will have to repeat every other year or so to maintain the table and keep it in good shape.

Painting requires the least work and lasts the longest but sealant is a better option if you want to retain the natural color of the wood. The same goes for wooden swing sets

Can my child get splinters from a wood picnic table?

Yes. Splinters can happen from any wood item.

Make sure to check the table for rough patches and sand them down to prevent slivers or splinters. Sealing the table or painting can help prevent this problem completely. 

Should I cover a picnic table before rain or a storm? 

if you want to prevent fading or water damage, it’s best to cover tables before use. However, it’s not always necessary, especially if you keep the set under a covered porch.

Remember, storms come with wind that can blow away covers, so pick carefully. 

Conclusion About Picnic Tables For Kids

The Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table may not be the cutest set, but its the most durable and perfectly sized for children. While it doesn’t come with an umbrella, you can place it under a covered porch to allow kids to enjoy the smooth tabletop for eating or for crafts. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and won’t fade or rust even with years of use.

Image of the Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

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