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If you are looking for a quick answer, the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile is the best reviewed and most popular mobile available on

In the uber-long list of required baby items, the mobile may fall off. But, this integral part of a nursery can really tie your theme together, as well as provide entertainment for baby during your sleeping hours (ahem – so this is required). This mama will break down for you all your mobile options – and review some of the mobile niches available out there.

A baby mobile will provide entertainment and calming views, noises or even lights to your child as they fall asleep (or hopefully back to sleep). Some infants struggle with sleeping alone, and a mobile can hold their attention, while its sounds or lights may lull them to sleep and mimic the noises of having their loved ones close. Sleep is one of the biggest struggles for new parents, and a mobile can really make all the difference for those few precious hours of sleep. A crib, sleeper or playard may come with a mobile, but you can also purchase detachable separate mobiles to conform to your needs or nursery style.

Most Popular Mobiles

Amazon has a number of popular mobiles, however, you may be looking for something specific to match your nursery or your parenting style. Below are the most popularly sold mobiles on Of course, your crib or sleeper may come with a specific mobile, which is usually detachable and a different mobile added to your preference.

The Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile is the most popular sold mobile on What do parents love about this mobile? It has five different melodies, 30 minutes of uninterrupted music, bright, fun colors, and it is movable.  This mobile can attach to cribs, sleepers, playards, bassinets, and even car seats. This mobile also comes with an affordable price tag.

Image of the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

The second best seller comes from the same brand, the Tiny Love Animal Friends Take-Along Mobile, which is the same mobile with simpler colors. A similar model, Tiny Love Little Princess Take Along Mobile, is also available in princess, girl theme.

Image of the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue

The SHILOH Baby Musical Mobileis a musical add-on to a mobile, and is Amazon’s top three seller. It plays 60 one minute songs with buttons to move through the tracks, and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to save energy. The mobile has a hook to add a fun mobile to the bottom, as it is a simple, round music box.

Image of the SHILOH Baby Crib Musical Mobile Battery-operated 60 Songs White

The VicTsing  is another musical top-seller mobile that allows you to add your own mobile decorations and plays music for 2-3 minutes. This mobile allows you to be creative or original in designing your baby mobile.

If you’re looking for a projection mobile, one that projects lights onto a nearby wall, the  Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile includes 30 minutes of classical music, womb and heartbeat sounds, as well as calming nature noises for 30 minutes. As baby grows, it converts to a side crib projection box. It is a bit costlier, but has a projection as well as will last you through two stages instead of just one.

Image of the Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Some baby mobiles also have a sensor to detect when the baby awakes, such as the VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Musical Dreams Mobile.  This mobile plays 30 minutes of music and has three light and mobile settings, along with 5 plush animals for a great price. This is a great feature for the baby who needs music or lights to fall asleep.

Image of the VTech Baby Lil' Critters Musical Dreams Mobile

While these are the most popular mobiles, you may be looking for something more specific or flashy for your nursery.

Fanciest Mobiles

Mobiles can range in price from $10 to over $100 – it really depends on what you’re looking for and how much of a statement you want this piece to give in your nursery. If your slogan is “go big or go home,” here are some mobiles for you. Land of Nod and Pottery Barn will have some of the cutest mobiles (without sound), but you will be paying extra for the added cuteness. The hands-down most adorable mobiles I have seen (again, no music or lights) are by Pehr.

Image of the Pehr Woodland Creatures Mobile

Maybe you are looking for some out of the box designs for your baby mobile. For an airy and colorful look, this tin hot air balloon mobile is popular on Amazon. And for the budding scientist, this Planet Mobile is inspiring.

Natural Mobiles

This paper mache mobile from Land of Nod will fulfill even the best crafter’s natural style, with wild animals (and definitely no lights or sound). For the minor naturalist, this natural fabric and natural color mobile by Nature’s Purest is the perfect compromise between natural and not-too-natural. Don’t forget that you can DIY a number of beautiful mobiles, or purchase mobiles from crafters at online shops such as

Best Value Mobiles

If you are on a budget, I would suggest these mobiles per function:

Mobile Add-On’s and Extras

Crib clamps, like this one, can allow you to change the location of the mobile, as well as move it to other cribs, sleepers, and for travel. Most mobiles can come apart, and you could use a clamp or extender (below) to move or continue using your favorite mobile.

Maybe you even need an extender, like this, because of the size or height of your crib (or tall baby!). You don’t want the baby to be able to reach the mobile, so after baby can get on their knees, monitor how high the baby can reach. An extender can increase the life of your mobile, but you should remove the mobile once the baby can pull themselves up or around 5 months, whichever is first.

Best Mobile Pick

The all-around favorite mobile is the Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch . It comes in a number of fun color and plush options, plays music, is movable, and comes with a decent price tag.  Of course, you will want to take into consideration what your nursery theme is, how long you’d like to use the mobile, and what music and lights you’d like for your individual child. You can upgrade this mobile to its big brother – the Tiny Love Classic Mobile, which transfers from an infant mobile into a larger baby and toddler crib box, which plays music as well. This upgraded mobile is a bit pricier, but will last you much longer than a one-format product. Review each of the color and plush options to determine which best suits your nursery needs.

Baby mobiles have been used for years to help little ones sleep and feel like other people are around while mommy and daddy sleep or catch up on chores. Be sure to use your mobile safely, monitoring how high the baby can reach every day. With safe use, your mobile can entertain your sleepy baby, and add some sleep to your life!

Mobile Safety

First thing’s first – crib safety is a big deal. Read over these tips for overall crib safety. A mobile can be a dangerous item in a crib if not used properly. Be sure to fully read the manufacturer’s instructions for your mobile. Generally, it is suggested that you remove the mobile when your baby can pull themselves up or stand up, as it may be pulled down and could be a strangulation danger. Most babies can do this around five months, so watch your little one carefully for development, and remove the mobile at the appropriate time.

How to Choose a Mobile

Your mobile choice will likely center on what type of mobile you want (motion activated, just sounds, or lights), but you will also surely want to incorporate your nursery theme and colors, as well as some other elements into your choice. The majority of mobiles are battery-powered, so keep in mind that you will need a supply of the mobile’s battery size on hand. Consider these things when selecting a mobile.

  • Price – Sometimes this is a big factor depending on how much you want to spend on its that aren’t necessities.
  • Color/theme – Again, you want it to match your nursery as much as possible.
  • Function – Some mobiles have lights, some only move, while some also have sound and can be motion-activated.
  • Safety – Most mobiles should only be used until the baby can pull themselves up or reaches about 5 months.
  • Modes – Some mobiles do offer extenders, or they convert to a crib box which can still be utilized past this point. If you will want to use the mobile past 5 months, you may purchase a mobile that can transform into a unit for older babies.

What is your favorite mobile?

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