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The Best Karaoke Machine For Kids of 2020

The best karaoke machines for kids are durable, portable, have multiple mics and good connectivity options to TV’s and computers.

Below,  you’ll find our recommendations for the best karaoke machine for kids and a handy guide as to what you need to look for as you pick one out. 

Top 5 Best Karaoke Machines for KidsWhy It's BestMom Rating
IndeCool Kids Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones, Remote Control Wireless Karaoke Speaker Portable Karaoke Machine Music MP3 Player for Kids Adult Party Gift (Purple)Great connectivity, has FM radio, karaoke machine with two microphones♥♥♥♥♥
VTech Kidi Star Music Magic MicrophoneReduce or remove singing vocals, durable, great karoke machine for young kids♥♥♥♥♥
SingTrix Party BundleProfessional voice tuning effects, works with instruments, high-quality speaker♥♥♥♥♥
Singing Machine Karaoke Machine (SML385UBK)Dimmer for lights, good quality sound, buttons are easy to control♥♥♥♥
BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone,3-in-1 Portable Handheld Karaoke Mic Speaker Machine Christmas Birthday Home Party for Android/iPhone/PC or All Smartphone(Q37 Rose Gold)Reduces background noise, great for recording songs♥♥♥♥

The Best Karaoke Machines For Kids

IndeCool Kids Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

IndeCool Kids Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones, Remote Control Wireless Karaoke Speaker Portable Karaoke Machine Music MP3 Player for Kids Adult Party Gift (Purple)

The IndeCool Kids Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones is a great choice if you’re looking for something portable that your child can enjoy with friends. It comes with two microphones and offers wireless operation, so it can be used anywhere. In addition to the purple color pictured, this karaoke machine for kids comes in a white design with cool graphics. 

This features connectivity using Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB, or TF card, so you’ll be able to use it with almost any set up. It comes with two corded microphones that your child can use to rock out with a friend and a remote control that makes it more convenient to operate. The remote control switches between audio output functions, makes it easy to adjust the sound, changes the song, puts music on repeat, and more. 

The karaoke machine itself is made from a high density wooden board. Its smooth edges are great for keeping your child safe and the board is environmentally friendly. As an added benefit, the wood design has a clear, acoustic sound. The machine also has a large speaker with a 4″ diameter to amplify music and your child’s voice. 

This karaoke machine does not come with a screen, so you’ll have to use its connectivity features to work with a television screen if you want the lyrics visible. In addition to connecting to your own music, this has an FM radio feature that makes it fun to sing along with the radio. Stations can also be stored so your child can easily visit their favorites later. 

The one downside of this karaoke machine is that the microphones are not especially loud compared to the background music. There also isn’t a way to adjust the microphone independently from the rest of the device, so it may not be the best for putting on performances. 


  • Very small, lightweight, and portable 
  • Several options for connectivity
  • Has FM radio and presets
  • Comes with two microphones 
  • Remote control makes it easy to use 
  • Cute design with cool graphics 


  • Cannot adjust microphone volume independently from background music 
  • Can be hard to hear the microphone over the music in the background 

VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone

VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone, Pink

The VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone is a great choice for kids and is loaded with fun features. In addition to working with your child’s phone, tablet, or MP3 player to play their favorite music, it has Music Mode that lets you reduce or remove lead vocals from tracks. It also comes in a blue color. 

In addition to the basic singing functions and Music Magic mode, this features four built-in games, audience sound effects, four pre-downloaded songs, and four different voice effects. Altogether, there are over 50 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases available. 

Music Magic mode is nice because your child can choose to sing alongside their favorite singers or take them off the track completely. Additionally, this has a record function so your child can play their recorded music back later. This makes it really fun for your young rockstar. It is recommended for ages five and older because of the complexity of the buttons. 

This karaoke microphone also features a color-changing base that adds colorful lights to your child’s performance. On the small display screen, cute characters dance along while your little one sings. 

One thing to note is that the features can be hard for a five year old to figure out, so you might find yourself helping them. Additionally, the design of the microphone is a little fat for smaller fingers. This might not be a problem if your child is standing in one place, but it can easily drop if they are singing and dancing. 


  • Music Magic mode lets you reduce or remove lead vocals so your child can sing along to anything
  • Record function so your child can hear themselves
  • Display screen shows cute characters dancing 
  • Light up microphone base 
  • Several features including voice change, songs, phrases, and more
  • Available in pink or blue 


  • Can be hard for younger kids to figure out
  • Design may be too big for little hands

Singtrix Party Bundle Second Edition Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Party Bundle Second Edition Karaoke Machine for Kids and Adults as seen on Shark Tank - Includes Microphone, Speaker and Pro Voice Tuning Technology and Effects

The Singtrix Party Bundle Second Edition Karaoke Machine is a great choice if you’re willing to spend a little more on a karaoke machine that has a lot of effects. It was featured on Shark Tank and includes a speaker/subwoofer, microphone, and professional voice tuning effects that make it fun for the whole family. Additionally, it’s made by the same people who produced Guitar Hero. 

If you’re looking for something for parties or for the whole family to enjoy, this is a great choice. It comes with a 40 watt speaker and subwoofer, which makes it plenty of loud for parties and gatherings. It comes with an input for phones, mp3 players, and tablets as well, which makes it easier to sing along with your favorite songs. 

In addition to the speaker/subwoofer, this party karaoke machine comes with a microphone, mic stand, the SingTrix interface, and a detachable holder for your device. There are also several colorful skins that come to dress up the interface depending on whose singing.

There are several different modes that set this apart, including professional voice tuning effects. You can replace the vocals on songs in the SongTrix app as well and use this with keyboards, guitars, and other instruments that can be plugged in. The karaoke microphone provides pitch and tone tuning, which is meant to improve the notes that are played or sung.

This also comes with over 375 different voice effects. It’s important as your playing with these that you find the tuning effects best for your voice. Otherwise, it can make your voice sound worse while you are singing. Since there’s so many different options, it can be difficult to find the few that work well for your pitch and tone. This is especially true since there’s only a few buttons on the device interface. 

Something to note is that there is a SingTrix app that has lots of music. You’ll need to pay for a subscription to this. However, the quality of these songs are the same (or lower quality) than the songs you might be able to find on YouTube or other apps. Of course, the songs on the app have the benefit of letting you remove the guitar, backup vocals, or any other part of the song you’d like to play or sing.  


  • Speaker/subwoofer provides great sound quality
  • Over 375 professional tuning effects for your voice
  • Can be used for singing or with instruments
  • Use with your own device or songs from the app
  • Can replace backup vocals, instruments, and more
  • Microphone stand has detachable holder for your device 
  • Appeared on Shark Tank, from the same people who made Guitar Hero
  • Different colored skins to dress up the interface 


  • Sound quality isn’t the best on songs in the SongTrix app
  • Hard to find the right voice tuning effects because of the many options

Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK)

Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK)

The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK) is a great choice for family karaoke parties. It offers a wide range of music options, including Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player. It also comes with two microphones for singing duets. 

This speaker is built into a wooden cabinet, which creates a loud sound. It also has 54 LED Disco lights that you can adjust with a dimmer, so you can liven up the party or create a mellow ambiance. 

You can use this with smaller screens via Bluetooth like your tablet or phone. The karaoke machine also comes with an RCA jack that can be plugged into a television screen. 

This comes with dual microphones that you can adjust for a better sound. These have balance and echo control. Additionally, the karaoke mics can be adjusted separately from the master volume, so you don’t have to worry about the music being louder than the singer. Additionally, the knobs and controls are labeled and easy to find, making this easy to operate. 

The biggest issue reported with this was the power jack. A few users report a faulty power jack that broke not long after purchasing. Fortunately, many who have had a problem contacted customer service and were able to exchange the item at no cost to them. 


  • Microphones adjust independently from overall volume
  • Works with Bluetooth or CDs
  • Can use RCA jack to put lyrics on the television screen
  • Able to adjust balance and echo on mics
  • Easy to use the controls
  • Good customer service


  • Occasionally has a faulty power jack, will need to return within warranty

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone,3-in-1 Portable Handheld Karaoke Mic Speaker Machine Christmas Birthday Home Party for Android/iPhone/PC or All Smartphone(Q37 Rose Gold)

The BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is loaded with features that let your child sing along to anything. It’s also incredibly portable and gives you options that let you improve sound quality, making this great for kids that want to record their music. 

This microphone is designed well, feature three layers of filter net that reduces background noise. All the buttons you need to change the song or adjust the sound are also on the microphone, making it convenient to use. Since it can be connected to many devices via Bluetooth, there are options for using this as a speaker, microphone, or recording device. 

The karaoke microphone is battery operated and works for 8-10 hours before you need to recharge it. It is designed to work with a wide range of Android or Apple products including your cell phone or tablet. When connected to the app, you can use this for a wider range of functions. In addition to the Bluetooth connectivity, this microphone also has cable connection and works with SD cards up to 32GB. 

In addition to the rose gold color pictured here, this is available in black, blue, gold, black gold, pink, purple, red, rose gold plus, silver, and space gray. 

Something to note is that with the mesh layers to prevent outside sound from getting in, you’ll need to be very close to the microphone for it to pick up your voice. This can be frustrating for a child to use if they are moving around a lot. Additionally, the sound volume from the speaker is not especially loud. This works best (volume-wise) when paired with an external speaker. 


  • Filter net reduces background noise
  • Microphone has buttons that make it convenient to use
  • Works well with Bluetooth devices and also comes with an audio connection
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Great for sound recording 
  • Works with an app on your phone or tablet 


  • Sound volume isn’t especially loud 
  • Need to be close to the top of the microphone for it to pick up your voice

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand, Music Sing Along with Flashing Stage Lights and Pedals for Fun Musical Effects

The L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand is ideal for kids ages 3-8 years old to sing alone or with a friend. It works using an AUX cable to play your child’s favorite music and features foot pedals that they can press to add tunes or give themselves a round of applause while they are singing. 

This karaoke machine for kids requires four AA batteries for operation. These are included, so your little one can have fun right out of the box. Two corded microphones are included with this; one of them can be used with the stand and the other one is a handheld version. The stand is adjustable so it can be the perfect height for your child between 18.5 and 40 inches. 

This is also a good option if you’re looking for something portable, since the entire set up can be assembled and disassembled. Assembly is easy and the pieces are lightweight. Your child can even choose to carry around the speaker with them while they sing if they’d rather use the microphone and speaker without the stand. It has a fold-out carrying handle that makes it easy for your child to hold the speaker in one hand and the microphone in the other. 

If you’re looking for something that can be used with Bluetooth, this is not the best choice. It only works using an AUX cord so it doesn’t have as many connectivity options as some other machines. However, the AUX cord is included and works with most cell phones, tablets, and other audio devices. 

Another benefit of this set is that it’s easy to use. The On/Off knob is also the volume knob, so there’s not a lot of buttons for your child to press. There are also two pedals on the stand. The left pedal adds dancing tunes (with six different song options) and the right pedal gives your child a round of applause. Your child will also love the flashing LED lights. 

One of the downsides of this microphone set is that the telescoping stand doesn’t lock together well. If you move it, the height may collapse. Additionally, the stand comes off the base/speaker a little too easily. It can come apart if your child moves it around too much while they are singing. 


  • Simple for a child to operate
  • Carrying handle for carrying base/speaker around 
  • Flashing LED lights are visually stimulating 
  • Two foot pedals for song and applause 
  • Two microphones so your child can sing wih a friend 
  • Comes with AA batteries you need to play 


  • Only connectivity option is AUX cord 
  • Base and stand don’t lock together well and can come apart if moved

EARISE T29 Karaoke Machine for Kids with Voice Changer

EARISE T29 Karaoke Machine for Kids Girls with Voice Changer, Portable PA Bluetooth Speaker Singing Machine with 2 Wired Microphones, LED Disco Lights, Recording, Supports USB/AUX

The EARISE T29 Karaoke Machine for Kids with Voice Changer is another great portable karaoke machine for kids. It comes with two corded microphones, a remote for simple operation, and a karaoke machine/speaker that has a carrying strap so it’s easy to tote around. 

Something unique about this is the voice changer that kids are sure to have fun playing with. In addition to original tone, the sound functions include male to female, female to male, baby sound, electroacoustic, and magic sound. There are also 12 different background sound effects that are easy to program to one of the two buttons. This includes things like laughter, applause, car horns, and more. The light effects are also fun for kids. They are multi-colored lights that change in rhythm with the music, making your child’s performance really fun. 

The included remote makes it convenient for your child to skip the song, adjust the volume, or play with the sound effects while they are singing. Many of the buttons can also be found on the karaoke machine/speaker, which means your little one can still use it if they lose the remote. 

This has connectivity via USB, AUX cord, or Bluetooth. Something to note is that the company updated the sound system. Instructions are provided so your child can get the update, which gives better control over this speaker. Something to note is that since it’s designed for outdoor use, it’s much louder than some other karaoke speakers. 

One of the downsides of this is the design. This karaoke machine is available in pink or blue, so it’s great for boys or girls. However, it features a ‘Merry Christmas’ design that would make it hard to use as a present for birthdays or other occasions. 

This comes with a rechargeable battery, which makes it very portable. When used on maximum power, it has a five-hour battery life. Unfortunately, the battery takes six hours to recharge fully with the included USB cable. 


  • Uses a rechargeable battery, so no power source is needed
  • Louder than some other options
  • Multi-colored lights move in time to the music 
  • Comes with two microphones 
  • Remote included
  • Several sound effects and voice changer 
  • Carrying strap and lightweight design makes it portable 
  • Available in pink or blue


  • Has a Christmas design
  • Takes six hours for the battery to recharge
  • Needs a software update for the sound

Verkstar Portable Karaoke Machine

Verkstar Portable Karaoke Machine, PA System Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker Toys for Kids & Adults Party With Disco Ball, Wired Microphone

The Verkstar Portable Karaoke Machine is a great choice if your looking for a kid’s karaoke machine for parties. It doubles as a PA system and plays music loudly for indoor or outdoor parties. 

This has a wide range of connectivity, including Bluetooth, AUX line, USB, and Micro SD input. It also works as an FM radio and guitar amplifier. As an added benefit, this can be used without being plugged in. The rechargeable battery lasts for six hours and you can use it to charge any connected devices. These features, paired with the convenient carrying handle, makes this a great choice to bring along for entertainment anywhere. 

The biggest disadvantage of this is it won’t work if you are looking for something that will connect to a screen. It does come with a speaker that makes it fun for karaoke, especially if your kid is singing along to songs they’re familiar with. Since you can connect to any musical input via Bluetooth, it’s easy to look up songs on YouTube or another device. You can also look up karaoke versions of songs if you would like. 

Something to note is that the microphone included with this could be better quality. While it picks up your voice well, it can be a little quiet. This is especially true when you are trying to use the recording function. 


  • Works as a PA system, guitar amplifier, karaoke machine, radio, and more
  • Great for parties and having fun at home
  • Louder than some of the other options 
  • Wide range of connectivity 
  • Rechargeable battery lasts six hours
  • Carrying handle to make it more portable 
  • Can charge devices using the karaoke machine 


  • No way to connect to a television screen
  • Microphone is a little quiet 

Singing Machine ISM398PP Karaoke System Home

Singing Machine ISM398PP Karaoke System Home

The Singing Machine ISM398PP Karaoke System Home has a convenient dock for a tablet or phone, making it a great choice if you want a more affordable karaoke system with a screen. It is available in pink/purple (pictured), blue/green, and white. 

This comes with Bluetooth connectivity to work with phones or tablets, as well as an audio input jack for other audio players. It only comes with one microphone, however, there are other audio jacks that you can use to connect a second microphone. The microphone volume can be adjusted independently from the master volume and there is echo and balance control. 

This also offers more than one charging option. When in the house or near a power source, this can be plugged into the wall using the included jack. It also has the option of being battery powered. This makes the karaoke machine more portable, especially since it has a carrying handle on the top. 

When using this, you can use Youtube to stream karaoke videos for free. Otherwise, there is an app that can be downloaded to access their library. There is a subscription fee for using the apps, but it allows you to access their library of karaoke music. 

Even though this is portable, the lightweight design is not very sturdy. Your child will need to take care not to drop this or it could break. 


  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Carrying handle 
  • 2 jacks for attaching a second microphone
  • Comes in three color options 
  • Works being plugged in or with batteries 
  • Dock to set your tablet or phone on so you can see the lyrics 


  • Breaks easily if dropped 
  • Only comes with one microphone

KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone for KidsBlue)KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone for Kids - Wireless, Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Toddlers & Kids in Comic Bear Shape - Includes Mic with Speaker, Perfect for Rock n' Roll Parties (S9 Blue)

The KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone for Kids is great fun for parties. It’s Bluetooth enabled and can also be connected to various devices using USB or a 3.5 AUX cord, which is included. 

This karaoke microphone features a cute design that your child will love. In addition to the blue color, it is available in brown, light brown, white, and pink. The slim handle fits well in a child’s hand, so it’s less likely to be dropped while your child is dancing around. It also fits well in the included carrying case, so the microphone is safe when it’s taken on the go. 

This microphone has good acoustics and a 5-watt speaker that amplifies sound. Additionally, your child will love that they can change their voice if they choose. In addition to singing in your child’s normal voice, this has options for woman, child, old man, and robot voice changing effects. The echo can also be changed for better quality voice sound. One thing to note is that this does not have very professional sounding quality. It’s a great choice for younger kids, but wouldn’t be good for recording. 

This is a rechargeable karaoke microphone. It has a six hour battery life, so there’s plenty of time for fun between charge. As an added benefit, a 30-day guarantee ensures your child will love this or you’ll get your money back. Several users have noted that they did not get the color they ordered. While this is a minor thing, you may want to check if you plan on using this microphone for a gift. 


  • Cute, kid-friendly design 
  • Comes in several colors 
  • Voice changing effects are fun to play with
  • Rechargeable battery with a six-hour life
  • 30-day guarantee 
  • Carrying case included 


  • Sound quality is not the best
  • May not come in the color you order

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine, Pink/Purple

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine, Pink/Purple

The VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine, Pink/Purple is recommended for kids ages 5-9. Like the other VTech microphone mentioned, this has Music Magic mode that lets you reduce or remove the main vocals on a music track so your child can be the star. It also included a build-in recorder that records up to five minutes of song. 

In addition to the Music Magic mode, this is loaded with fun features. There are six different games your child can play and fun sound effects to play with. This also comes equipped with eight original songs and a voice changer that has five different effects. Many of these features have their own button that is clearly labeled toward the top of the microphone. This makes it easy for your child to operate themselves while they put on a show. 

There is also a cute disco ball that sits on the top of the microphone stand. Your child can twist the disco ball for lighting effects that add to the fun of their show. There’s also a cute character on the screen that dances along with your child while they sing. 

If your child wants to sing a song that is not included, this connects to a phone, tablet, or mp3 player using the included audio jack. It is not Bluetooth enabled. 

One downside of the design is that the table that sits on top of the microphone stand is on the heavy side. If your child is moving it around, it’s easy to tip over. Since the microphone cord is on the shorter side, it also makes it hard for your child to dance around without pulling the cord too much and knocking it over. 


  • Connects to audio devices with the included audio cord 
  • Music Magic mode reduces lead vocals on a track
  • Built-in games and fun features 
  • Buttons are clearly labeled and easy to figure out 
  • Voice changing effects
  • Disco ball for adding to the performance atmosphere


  • Falls over easily
  • Not Bluetooth enabled

Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids

Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids - Karaoke Machine for Girls with 2 Microphones – Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connectivity and Flashing Disco Lights - (Pink)

The Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids) has fun flashing disco lights and comes with two high-quality microphones. It’s perfect for singing duets and has USB, AV jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can easily connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device. 

This comes with a cord to recharge it between play times. The installed battery works for about 4 hours before it needs to be recharged. Since this is battery-powered, it can be used virtually anywhere. It also has a lightweight design and a carrying handle. 

For kids who want to put on a concert, this comes with flashing disco lights on the front. The lights are not as bright as they are on some other karaoke machines, however, they are eye-catching. They especially appeal to younger children. The lights can also be left off if your child chooses. 

Something that is nice about this compared to some other karaoke systems mentioned is that the mic picks up your child’s voice very easily. They won’t have to worry about mouth placement or not being able to hear themselves over the music. However, the microphone volume is not separate from the overall sound volume. The mics are very loud, especially if your child is yelling into them as younger children often do when they get excited. 


  • Good sound quality
  • Wide range of connectivity via USB, AV jack, or Bluetooth 
  • Disco lights are eye-catching for younger children 
  • Microphone picks up your child’s voice easily 
  • Comes with two microphones for singing fun with a friend
  • Lightweight design and carrying handle makes it portable 


  • Flashing lights are not very bright
  • Microphones cannot be adjusted separately from master volume 

Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player

Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player

The Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player is a great karaoke machine for people who want to use the machine with their CDs or another device. It is a front-loading CD player but also works using a line in for your phone, tablet, or music player. 

Despite its lightweight design, this is designed durable so you can feel okay with your child carrying it around. Additionally, it has a carrying handle for your child to tote it around. 

This is another machine that comes with fun disco lights that can be turned on or off depending on the effect you’re trying to create. It also has a 2 digit LED display that makes it easy to select songs from a CD. The sound comes through built-in speakers with good sound quality. 

There is only one microphone included with this karaoke machine. However, it has 2 microphone input lines so you can buy a second one so your child can perform with friends and family on duets. As an added plus, the microphone volume can be adjusted separately from the overall volume for the perfect balance. Your child can also play with the balance, echo, and auto voice controls. Something to note is that that microphone can be a little low, even with the option to adjust the volume separately.  

This does come with RCA cables so you can watch scrolling lyrics on the television. However, the cords are short so it makes it difficult to attach to some TVs. This is especially true because the microphone is wired and it limits how much your child can move around. 


  • Has front-loading CD player 
  • Works with phone, tablet, or mp3 player with included cord 
  • Easy to select sounds
  • Voice effects
  • Two places to plug in microphones 
  • Microphone volume is separate from overall volume 
  • Lightweight design and carrying handle


  • Microphone is quiet 
  • RCA cords are short which makes set up difficult 

How We Selected Karaoke Machine For Kids

Sound Settings

Speaking realistically, not everyone is a rockstar. Having a karaoke machine with sound settings lets you change certain elements of sound. This can help build your child’s confidence. Some of the sound settings you might find include echo (which adds depth to the sound), tempo (which controls speed of the song), and bass (which enhances lower tones). 


One of the things that makes karaoke easy to sing along to is having the lyrics right there. It can help your child with tempo, especially if they’re trying something new that they haven’t practiced. The one downside of many karaoke machines is that they’ll need hooked to a larger screen.

This means you’ll want to be sure they come with an HDMI cable or whatever other type of connections you need to use with your home television. Of course, requiring a screen also makes a karaoke machine a little bit less portable since you’ll need to be sure where you go has the right set up if your child wants to bring their karaoke machine along. Fortunately, most kids know the lyrics to at least

Functionality and Extra Features

Before you buy a karaoke machine for your child, consider how it’s going to be used most. If it is primarily for your child to rock out in their bedroom or with friends, then you’ll want something they can easily operate by themselves. If they’re younger, you’ll want it to have just a few buttons so it’s easy to understand how to make it work. Older kids interested in music are more likely to be interested in extra buttons and features. 

Something else to consider is the power source. If you want something portable, something with rechargeable batteries might be a good choice. Something that plugs into the wall doesn’t require as much planning or worrying about rechargeable batteries, but having a power source is necessary. 

You’ll also want to consider the type of microphone and how many are included. With more than one microphone, your child can easily perform duets or sing with friends. Microphones that are wireless require their own power source or batteries, however, they give your child the freedom to dance around while singing without worrying about tripping. 

Another feature common on karaoke machines is LED lights. While basic lights can be found on a lot of models, others might light up in tune with the beat. This adds an extra element of fun while your child is putting on a show. 


The most important thing when choosing a karaoke machine is being sure it works with whatever TV set up you have in your home, especially if that’s primarily where you’ll be using it. Many karaoke machines are also designed to work with an mp3 player, phone, or tablet. This can be done using Bluetooth or another input line. 

One of the benefits of having something that connects to your devices is it is easy to find music. Some karaoke machines also come with access to songs using an app that you download on your device. However, many of these apps have a one-time or monthly charge that you’ll need to pay for using the app. 


Singing karaoke is something that’s always more fun with friends. Having a portable speaker makes it easy for your child to bring it along on outings with friends and family, birthday parties, sleepovers, and more. Some features you’ll want to look for in a portable karaoke machine is a lightweight design and compact size. Rechargeable batteries are also a useful feature, especially if you want your child to be able to sing anywhere. 


For kids that are karaoke enthusiasts, it could be fun to record and then listen to or watch their performances. Some karaoke machines have audio recording options, so your child can listen to their personalized karaoke tracks. Others have video record options.

Karaoke is a great choice for kids that like singing, dancing, and putting on an entire show. Many karaoke machines with audio or video record options also have equipment to connect the recording to your computer, which makes it easy to save, edit and share with family and friends. 

FAQs About Karaoke Machine For Kids

What are some of the benefits of singing karaoke?

Singing karaoke has physical, social, and lingual benefits for your child. The act of singing requires deep breaths that oxygenate the blood. This extra oxygen boost is great for pumping blood to the brain and increasing alertness. It also boosts immune function, which lessens your child’s risk of illness. 

The way that singing requires your child to use different sounds also helps their lingual skills. It stimulates the auditory network of your child’s brain. As they work to reproduce these sounds, they’re doing the same mouth movements that help with learning phonics and language. 

Finally, singing has social and emotional benefits. It is a great outlet for expressing emotion, regardless of the language. Karaoke is also a great bonding exercise for families and friends. As an added benefit, singing releases dopamine which can help improve your child’s mood. 

Can you do karaoke without a machine?

It is possible to do karaoke without a machine. The easiest way to find song lyrics is to use YouTube connected to a larger screen like a smart TV. You can also use a smaller screen like a laptop or tablet and connect it to the TV using screen mirroring or an HDMI cable. To get the right version, you’ll need to look for the karaoke version of the song. 

Once you have the lyrics up, the only thing missing is a microphone. If your family is doing karaoke, the microphone might not be necessary. However, it does add an extra element of fun and ensures everyone can hear your child’s voice. 

How do I throw a karaoke party for my kid? 

Karaoke parties are great whether it’s your child’s birthday or they are having a few friends stay over. Aside from friends, all you need for a great karaoke party is some snacks. For added fun, it’ll be useful to have a karaoke that connects to the TV. Since everyone can sing the lyrics, even the people who aren’t on the microphone can sing along. 

You can add to the fun by buying some cheap LED lights and setting up a ‘stage’ for the performers. Add a sign up sheet where everyone can pick their songs and run a whole production. Also, don’t forget to provide plenty of water to keep everyone’s vocal chords ready. 

Do I need a karaoke machine with a screen? 

Karaoke doesn’t require a screen. The major benefit of having a screen for your karaoke machine is that it gives you and your child a chance to try out new songs. Since you can watch the lyrics as they move along, it’s easy to sing along to anything. 

While many karaoke machines today are not equipped with a screen, several have connectivity options that let them work with your phone screen, tablet, or home television screen. All you need to do is be sure the machine is compatible with your setup. 

Final Word

For my kids, the VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone was their favorite. What made this one stand out was its Music Magic mode. While I did have to help them figure out how to use the microphone, both boys caught on soon enough. They loved being able to sing along to their favorite songs, especially in karaoke mode where they could take the lead. Additionally, while they did drop it a couple times while dancing around, 

While the VTech model was great for the boys for play time, a better choice for family karaoke time or a party would be the  Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK). That one has two microphones with independent volume, an option to adjust echo, and has a great acoustic sound. You’ll want to think about how the karaoke machine will be used most to find the best karaoke machine for kids or the whole family. 

Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis is a part-time writer and a full-time mommy of two boys, Apollo (age 3) and Adrien (age 5). She has been working as a writer for five years and one day plans to run her own writing company. For now, Samantha is content working as a writer and spending all her free time with her little boys. They live together with dad in Ohio and spend their free time crafting, hiking, and baking.

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