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The Best Baby Wipe Warmer Choices for 2021

Baby wipe warmers are the ultimate luxury for baby bottoms. I mean, imagine wiping with a cold, wet piece of toilet paper! Not pleasant!

While not a necessary addition to your nursery, sensitive babies may appreciate a less jarring diaper wiping experience.

If you find your baby has a sensitive tush and screams when you use cold wipes, you may want to consider one of the best wipe warmer selections below. 

The Best Baby Wipe WarmersWhy It's BestMom Rating
hiccapop Wipe WarmerTop down heating, night light, any brand wipe♥♥♥♥♥
Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer with 12 WarmiesFor cloth wipes, comes with 12 reusable wipes♥♥♥♥
Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and DispenserNight light, 2 heat settings, any wipe type♥♥♥♥♥

The 7 Best Baby Wipe Warmers

Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser by Hiccapop

Bubos Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser with Advanced LED Night Light


The Wipe Warmer by Hiccapop takes the jolt out of cold baby wipes. Avoid an irritable or fussy baby by providing warm wipes to increase your babies comfort. Very helpful during late night diaper changes when baby will hopefully fall back to sleep quickly so you can too. 

When stored in this warm the wipes are guaranteed to stay moist and soft. Don’t fret about losing moisture and ending up with dry wipes. A top-heated design keeps the wipes at the top of the box warmer than the ones on the bottom of the box. Includes a built-in light for night time changes that shuts off automatically. Let your baby sleep!

The box was designed to work for any baby wipe brand. Store up to a week’s worth of wipes. Even works for flushable wipes. The see-through window allows you to see when you need to fill the container without changing the heat. 

Finally, the Hiccapop wipe warmer box is made of silicone and works with any decor. The box continuously feeds new wipes for easy grabbing. It uses low voltage power with a safety fuse to prevent problems. 


A small percentage of customers received defective models that did not work. The top wipes tend to dry out a little faster than the other wipes since that is where the heat centralizes.

This wipe container costs a little more than some will want to spend. 

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer with 12 Warmies

Bubos Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser with Advanced LED Night Light


If you prefer cotton reusable wipes then consider the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer. While a little pricey, the unit includes 12 cloth “warmies” to toast your little one’s tush. Great for moms who want to save landfills but keep their baby clean. All this in a smart white box to match any decor.

The box holds clean rolled up cotton wipes. Use your normal solution to wet each one, then roll up and place in the box. The warmer will take about 4-6 hours to warm up the cotton wipes. Includes and ever-fresh antimicrobial micropore pillow at the bottom to keep the wipes warm and fresh. 

Can work for disposable wipes as well if you prefer. The plug separates from the box so you can move it from one room to another. Uses a three-part heating system. More wipes available purchase extra pillows as well. 

You can use these natural wipes with the best diapers to keep baby’s bum happy.


The container takes a long time to heat up the wipes, then again these are cloth wipes which would take longer. The heat can fluctuate and overheat or under-heat, depending on how many wipes are in the container. 

Wipe Warmer by Go Go Pure

Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser, Advanced Features with 4 Bright Auto Off LED Ample Lights for Easy Nighttime Changes, Dual Heat for Baby's Comfort, Improved Design and Only Available at Amazon


The Go-Go Pure Wipe Warmer offers a bright 4 LED light to allow more light for nighttime diaper changes. Forget turning on the light to change the baby. Keep his tush and his sleepy eyes content enough to fall back to sleep or not even wake up for a diaper change!

Includes two heat settings so you can find what works best for your baby. Some babies like them warmer while others prefer the wipes a little less warm. Or use heat one for summer weather and heat two for winter conditions. 

Holds up to 100 wipes from any brand. The viewing window allows you to see when the wipes need a refill. The plug detaches from the box if you need to move the dispenser to another room. Flip the top open and pull a wipe through the silicone seal to reach a warm wipe and lock in moisture and heat.

Uses 12 volts energy-efficient heat. Can be used worldwide.


Beyond the normal issue of some customers receiving faulty units, no other issue with this model wipe warmer. The temperature works for some customers but not for others. 

Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer

Image of Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer (New and Improved)

In the middle of the night, can you think of anything that would startle baby more than an ice-cold wipe? Maybe a dry and scratchy wipe?

Well, the Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer solves that problem. The gentle, built-in misting system provides instant moisture to wipes to keep them soft. It will add extra moisture to the top wipe each time the lid is shut, or you can manually add more moisture by pushing the mist button. The water comes from a removable and cleanable reservoir.

As for the heating aspect, it works from the top down to discourage the whole stack of wipes drying out, or as Munchkin calls it, “browning.” The updated flip-top lid also helps to seal in all the moisture. The heat is energy efficient as well.

The clear peek-a-boo window on the front of the dispenser helps you to know when you are running low on wipes. This unit can store 100 wipes from any brand. 


Since the heating unit is in the lid, the bottom few wipes in the pile will always be cold, since they don’t reach the heat source. When you get to the last few wipes in the container, they are almost guaranteed to still be cold. 

Other complaints are that the lid pops open after some time, which is frustrating.

Also, there is an LED light in the warming mechanism on the lid, which can be distracting in a totally dark room. So be prepared to use this as a night light, too! But you can’t turn it off. 

Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

Image of Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser - for Baby and Adult Wipes - BPA-Free - Includes Bonus Changing Pad

The Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser lhas a bright design that’s perfect for the nursery. Keep the pretty little box handy to help heat up your baby’s little bottom. Includes an LED temperature display along with the fun design. 

Includes a warming sponge to ensure moistness. Three temperature settings allow you to customize the temperature to your baby’s preferences. The box is BPA free and uses steam heating for comfortable moist heat. 

This would be a great option for adults, too, as the steam heating works well to keep the wipes moist. If you find adult flushable wipes in a similar size you can use this for yourself or for an elder who needs assistance. 


A few customers complained about the temperature. Again, this is a personal preference and what pleases one person may not please another person.

The price is a bit high as well. Good thing you can buy some inexpensive and good Pampers or Huggies baby wipes to offset the cost.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer 

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight |Pop-Up Wipe Access. All Time Worldwide #1 Selling Wipes Warmer. It Comes with an everFRESH Pillow System That Prevent Dry Out.


Prince Lionheart creates many baby products, including several warmers. None of their warmers rate super well but one is a little bit better than the others. The Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer is supposed to be the only anti-microbial warmer on the market. That is, the only one to inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

The device takes three hours to reach full temperature. It glows in the dark in one tiny little area to help you find the wipes but it certainly will not light up the room enough for you to change a diaper without turning on another light. 

It does offer a power indicator to know the machine is working. The lid is just like the others, once part to refill wipes and another to pull out individual wipes. A silicone guard keeps all of the wipes from coming out at once. Holds 80 wipes. Uses the Ever-Fresh Pillow System like the other Prince Lionheart container above. 


The wipes actually get too hot in this wipe warmer for some, for others they do not get warm at all. The product is very inconsistent.

The lid does not shut properly which would release moisture and the lid tends to break rather quickly.

Requires additional “pillows” to work which is an added cost. Although, this is one of the cheaper warm wipe containers but still, baby products are expensive. 

A large portion of customers were dissatisfied with this warmer. Unfortunately, the market has so few baby wipe warmers. The customer basis isn’t there to convince companies to make a truly spectacular wipe warmer as its a luxury item and not really needed. 

Bubos Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser with Advanced LED Night Light

Bubos Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser with Advanced LED Night Light


The Bubos Wipe Warmer will integrate well into your baby’s nursery with a simple design. The mint green lid and white body appeal to both parents and baby. All for an attractive price.

Fit any baby wipe you prefer into the box. The top comes off completely for easy refills. This box warms the wipes evenly with low voltage for safety. The wipes stay moist and ready to soothe your baby during diaper changes. 

The heat comes from the top to make the wipes you will use first available easily from the silicone pull top. Includes an integrated night light for easier night time changes with auto shut off. Offers a viewing window so you know when to refill the container. 


Some of the unit lids tend to be difficult and annoying to close completely. Otherwise, the wipe warmer works well. 

Dex Products Wipe Warmer Dual Top Heating

Dex Products Wipe Warmer Dual Top Heating


Much like the other wipe warmers, the Dex Products Wipe Warmer heats from the top to keep the wipes closest to your finger ready for easy grabbing. Unlike the others, the box is insulated to keep the heat inside for consistent heat. 

The white box includes an avocado colored top and logo. Quite appealing to green fans. The top is reinforced makes sure it lasts longer. Holds over 80 baby wipes. Uses low voltage for safety. The Dex wipe warmer doesn’t dry wipes out and works well in any space. 


Customers complained the wipes tended to dry out and the construction was rather flimsy. The product didn’t last long for everyone either.

Unfortunately, baby wipe warmers aren’t very popular and all tend to be glitchy. This product tends to be a little glitchier than the other models above despite offering an insulated body which is different than the other models. 


FAQ’s About the Best Wipe Warmers

Won’t a wipe warmer remove the moisture from the wipes?

Yes. Even if companies say their product won’t, heat removes moisture unless its moist heat like steam. Even brands that claim to hold moisture in can only do so for so long before the wipes will inevitably dry out. Overall though, a wipe warmer may cost you money because you will have to replace dried out wipes if not used in a timely manner. 

Do I really need a baby wipe warmer?

No. Most babies get used to the coldness of wipes relatively quickly. Most parents simply warm up the wipe in their hands before using on the baby.

A wipe warm would be great as a gift since it’s an extra. Maybe you can put this item on your baby registry, considering that a baby wipe warmer made the top baby shower gifts list. If no one buys you one, then skip it. You could always buy one for other parents. 

Are wipe warmers safe?

Yes. They must meet certain standards to be allowed in a baby’s room. Also, all of the companies use low voltage to prevent problems.

As with any other electrical appliance though, things can go awry and problems can happen. If you are concerned unplug the device when not in use. 

Final Thoughts

Baby wipe warmers are not a necessary element to a nursery but can be a nice gift if you want to indulge your baby. Mind you, no portable wipe warmers exist yet so your baby will have to suffer on the road!

If you decide you need a wipe warmer or want to give one as a gift, the Lilmonki Baby Wipe Warmer uses steam heat which is more likely to keep wipes moist and not cause any problems. 

Image of Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser - for Baby and Adult Wipes - BPA-Free - Includes Bonus Changing Pad

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