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7 of the Most Stylish and Best Baby Sunglasses

What is cuter than a baby sporting a pair of shades? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Not all baby sunglasses are made the same though. Some glasses include polarization, that is they reduce glare and reflection while allowing your kiddo to see true color and improve contrast and visual clarity. That’s comfort and cuteness.

Take a look at all the best baby sunglasses options for your little one. 

The Best Baby Sunglasses

The Best Baby SunglassesWhy It's BestLove
PolarSpex Girls Cateye Sunglasses Durable and polarized shades make your little girl look like Audrey Hepburn♥♥♥♥♥
FCTRY Hipsterkid Sunglasses Polarized lenses and non-toxic materials, together with an ultra-cool style♥♥♥♥♥
Roshambo Baby ShadesFlex frames, different styles, and your choice of polarized or regular lenses♥♥♥♥♥
JAN & JUL Newborn Toddler Sun-Glasses A face-fitting style and secure strap work well for babies♥♥♥♥

Sporty Shades Sunglasses for Baby

Baby Sunglasses, 100% UV Protection Infants & Toddlers Sunglasses, Smoked Lenses Reduces Glare for Ages 0-12 Month to 3 Years - Rubber Injected Frame with Matching Pouch (Purple, Smoked)


With Sporty Shades- Best First Sunglasses by Bib-On you can pick from multiple shades including pink, light blue, navy blue, black, and red sporty glasses. Each pair comes polarized for your baby’s comfort and flexible to avoid breaking. 

Also, the glasses include a drawstring fabric pouch to protect your glasses. For children into sports or babies sitting on the beach, these sunglasses provide 100% UVA UVB protection from the sun’s damaging rays. The glasses are sized for babies 0-1 years old in 110mm then move to 12omm for toddlers and finally 130mm for older children around 4 and up. 


A few customers found the glasses are on the small size. Each baby’s head measures differently and you may want to grab a couple of sizes. Never hurts to have spares and upgraded sizes.

Also, glasses that are a little tight tends to slip off less. 

Optix 55 Sunglasses for Babies with Rubber Frame

Polarspex Girls Elastic Cateye Kids Toddler Polarized Sunglasses - BPA Free (Black | Smoke)


Little girls need some extra cute sunglasses. The flower speckled cat-eye shaped Sunglasses for Babies by Optix 55 protect your baby’s eyes and make her the cutest girl on the playground. Pick from multiple colors to match any outfit including purple, gray, green, light blue, orange, red, and white. Each pair includes a protective case so you can toss in the diaper bag. 

The plastic lens encased in a plastic frame are not polarized but do offer 100% protection from UV rays and they reduce glare with smoked lenses while still maintaining your baby’s full viewing pleasure.

Also, the 34-millimeter lenses were custom made for baby’s eyes and faces. For kids ages birth to three years. 


Several customers received the wrong colors, which is rather annoying, to say the least. Others found the fit to be off but only a very small portion. 

Polarspex Girls Elastic Cateye Sunglasses

Polarspex Girls Elastic Cateye Kids Toddler Polarized Sunglasses - BPA Free (Black | Smoke)


Want the cat-eye design for your little girl but without the flowers? Try the Polarspex Girls Elastic Cateye Sunglasses. Even better these sunglasses come polarized to protect your child from glare. Pick from a ton of colors including black, gray, coral, pink, purple, red, blue, white. 

Each pair of BPA glasses include a sturdy wool case for storage. These glasses are a little larger and meant for slightly older babies or toddlers depending on their size. The classic sunglasses will work best for chubby babies or toddlers. 

What you will really love though, is the lightweight construction and unbreakable, even bendable, quality. Babies and toddlers break a lot of things, something indestructible is certainly welcome!

Grab your favorite color and get ready to take tons of adorable pictures. 


As with any product, the fit may not be right for every tiny face. Worth a shot as they are absolutely adorable and harder to break than most glasses. 

Emmzoe The Little Sunglass Sunglasses Aviator and Classic 2 Set



Who doesn’t love two for the price of one? With the Emmzoe The Little Sunglass 2 Set, you get two pairs of glasses, both aviators and classic shape. Both pairs get their own carrying case. Stash one in your car and another in the diaper bag. 

While the only color available is black, these glasses work for both boys and girls. Both styles offer UV 400 standard protection to keep the harsh sun and other lights from bothering your baby.

Pick from two sizes, 0-3 years or 3-7 years to keep your kiddo styling for a long time. The comfortable fit will keep your baby from pulling them off and tossing them aside. 


The glasses are lightweight so they won’t weight down uncomfortably, but they tend to slip as they are so light. The fit can vary from kid to kid. 

Hipsterkid Polarized Baby Sunglasses

Hipsterkid BPA Free, Warranty Protected, Polarized Sunglasses for Babies, Ages 0-2, in Classic Black


If your child is a true cool cat, than he needs the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses. The glasses come polarized and warranty protected. Pick from your choice of colors, black, blue, clear, frost, pink, rose, tortoise, white, wood, or yellow.

Also, pick from two sizes, 0-2 or 3-6 years. 

The best part of these glasses though, and reflected in the higher price, is the non-toxic aspect. These glasses are free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC meeting several standards.

Even better, the glasses include a warranty against break or loss. That’s right! The company will give you a free replacement within the first year. 

Finally, the polarized glasses block harmful sun rays from delicate eyes while filtering out glare and allowing for natural light.

The glasses include a few valuable features including a strap to prevent loss, flexible frames, and shatter resistant lenses. 


The glasses run a little small and a few customers, a very small amount, had issues with the quality. The price varies by color. 

COCOSAND Gift Set Navigator Baby Toddler Sunglasses

COCOSAND Gift Set Navigator Toddler Baby Sunglasses with Straps BPA free 0-24months


If your baby tends to lose everything they touch, you will want the COCOSAND Gift Set Navigator Toddler Baby. Not only do these sunglasses include an adjustable strap to ensure a proper fit, but pick from a variety of different colors. Pick everything from sporty yellow to Barbie pink to work for either a boy or a girl. Great for twins or triplets. 

Like the other sunglasses above, this brand includes an attractive carrying bag. They also include a lens wipe cloth to get sticky finger residue of the glass so your child can actually see. Pick from several navigator styles and elastic bands to suit your needs. 

Made of environmental materials with UV 400 protection with shatterproof lenses. Made of foldable material to last longer. Also, includes a built-in nose piece to keep glasses in place.

Pick from sizes 0-12 months, 0-24 months, 2-4 years, or adult. Get matching glasses for your and your toddler for picture day. 


Some customers found the glasses too small, Goldilocks found them too big. The majority of customers found they fit just right. Price varies greatly by size and color. 

Roshambo Baby Shades

Roshambo Baby Shades, Polarized Bueller


This set of baby sunglasses comes with the highest marks. Roshambo’s Baby Shades are cute and look great on any tiny face.

Pick from a variety of colors all with fun names to match the TV or movie character based on their color. The black glasses are aptly named Bueller like our favorite high school trouble maker from the 1980s. 

Meant for children ages 0-2 years old. Moms can pick between polarized to prevent glare or standard. The lens are also 100% UVA/B&C with shatter-resistant protection. The durable frames can stand a good gooey chewing by an infant and flex with a busy one-year-old testing his strength. 

Finally, unlike the other glasses above, these are prescription ready if you want to take them to your local optometrist.

Also, the glasses are so light they can float. A great choice for your child’s comfort and long term wear without irritating little ears. 


The normal complaints, the fit doesn’t work for all kids and the lenses can pop out. A few customers said the glasses ran small. 

JAN & JUL Sunglasses

JAN & JUL Newborn Toddler UV Protection Sun-Glasses (S: 6-24 months, Yellow)


The JAN & JUL Sunglasses form to the face which may be more comfortable for some babies. Also, the smaller lens may appeal to some babies too. The strap appeals to moms who don’t want to lose the sunglasses baby needs. 

Pick from multiple colors including light blue, white, yellow, pink, and black. These glasses come in two shapes for the different sizes. The smalls work for 6 to 24 months and the mediums fight 6 months to 6 years. 

The flexible glasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are also free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. The adjustable straps keep the glasses either on baby’s face or around her neck.

Also, the glasses are flexible and shatter-resistant for longevity. 


The only issue mentioned was, of course, the sizing can be off. All kids have different sized heads. 

FAQ’s About Baby Sunglasses

Does my baby need sunglasses?

Yes. Sunglasses protect baby’s eyes against UV rays and glare from the sun, which can harm children and adults of all ages.

As a rule of thumb, if you are wearing sunglasses, then your child should too. Mind you, many kids will just take them off but keep offering them to help protect from direct sunlight. 

If my baby is wearing a hat does he need sunglasses too?

Depends on the hat and how much sunlight the baby is subjected to. If the brim of the hat goes far enough then your kiddo may not need sunglasses.

Find the best baby sun hat for your kids this summer. 

How can I keep my baby from losing her sunglasses?

The best way two ways to keep your baby from losing sunglasses is to use a strap to keep them from falling all the way off. Then your child will at least wear them like a necklace.

The second, is you are in charge of the glasses and not the baby. Mom’s are less likely to lose items they spent money on whereas babies could care less. 

Does my baby need sunglasses in the winter?

If you live in a very bright state or a state with snow, then your baby probably needs sunglasses in the winter. Snow glare is horrid and can hurt tiny eyes. 

Final Thoughts 

Baby eyes are as delicate as the rest of the baby and need protection. Consider sunglasses sunblock but for the eyes. Not to mention the cute factor. Kids look absolutely adorable in sunglasses.

Try to look for best baby sunglasses with polarized lenses as they will protect your kid from glare and still allow her to see full color. 

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