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Baby Jogger City Sway Rocker Bouncer Review

Baby Jogger Brand is breaking away from making strollers and car seats and adding baby rockers to their list of products.

The new City Sway Rocker is a stylish new addition to the typically boring looking rocker/bouncer world and it comes at a reasonable price. Beyond a rocker, Baby Jogger has also added a high chair and a playard to their selection, as well as increasing the many innovative products geared to make babies more comfortable and parents’ lives easier. 

See how the new rocker might be just what you are looking for when you have your baby. It also makes a wonderful gift for friends or family expecting a new baby. First, though, take a look at all of the features this new breakout product offers from one of your favorite baby brands. 

Baby Jogger City Sway Rocker Bouncer Review

Bouncer and Rocker

The sleek new baby seat serves first as a chair for babies up to around 30 pounds (this is the average; the company has not yet released the weight limit for the seat).

Often, a safe place for baby to sit helps to keep them out of your arms long enough to get something done such as washing dishes, taking a shower, or eating some dinner. The City Sway allows your baby a comfortable place to sit while watching mommy take care of the housework or catch up on social media. 

You can also rock your baby to sleep in the tiny little chair by releasing the kickstand that keeps the seat still. The chair part attaches to a bowed base meant for rocking. When you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns and folding load laundry load number three and the baby starts to fuss, just move a foot over and gently rock them back to sleep.

It takes just a quick motion to set the item into action and soothe your baby while you take care of other needs for a few moments.

When you can’t rock the bouncer by hand or foot, then switch to the two different vibration modes. Of course, these two settings require batteries to work, but they can save your sanity! Some babies miss the feeling of living in their mother’s stomach and the constant movement and may need the gentle vibration to lull them to sleep. 

A safety flap covers the button to turn on the vibration, so your baby doesn’t hurt her little foot. It also keeps the baby from turning the bouncy off and on and upsetting herself when she can’t get it back to the way she wants. 

Storage & Transport

Storing the rocker couldn’t be easier- the chair folds down almost completely flat. Once the item is folded down flat, you can store it in the included storage bag for protection. Now, the seat can transport anywhere you need without taking up tons of space, or you can store the item under a bed, couch, in a closet, or anywhere else you need.  

The City Sway weighs only 9 pounds, which means it’s light enough to move for anyone except your baby. Remember to take your baby out of the bouncy before moving the seat as it’s much safer for your little one to move them separately if possible. Also, never place the bouncy seat on top of a high surface such as a counter or table as it’s not safe, and your baby could move around and fall, despite a 5 point safety harness. 

Toy Bar 

Baby Jogger City Sway Bouncer Rocker - Mobile
Baby Jogger City Sway Bouncer Rocker

The toy bar hangs over your baby’s head and includes two premium stitched toys to entertain your little love. One of the toys is a black and white zebra and the other a gray elephant. Though not in contrasting colors, the cute toys will engage baby’s eyes and mind and help them to learn about animals, shapes, and texture. 

It’s a flat, small bar, so it’s perfect for hanging your own toys from. This will help add some interest to the seat, especially as baby gets older and more interactive.

If you don’t want the bar on the seat, then you can take it down. Once your baby is old enough to reach it and move the bar, that’s a good indication, it’s time for it to go. You may also want to remove it for travel as it can get in the way. 


Many baby seats do not offer calf support, but the City Sway Rocker does, and it helps babies to sit more comfortably.

It’s adjustable to help set it to your baby’s needs, which is much better than a seat where their little legs dangle for large amounts of time. Most babies will fold their feet up into a fetal position for the first few months, but this will be a handy feature when your child’s a bit older. 

The seat also offers three levels of recline for comfort and napping. Babies often fall asleep in the chair, and you may want to recline the seat to encourage their nap.

Image of Baby Jogger City Sway 2-in-1 Rocker and Bouncer

You can also move the seat up when the baby has more neck control and wants to see more of the world. The highest setting helps the baby to stay active and relax while easily viewing the world around them. 


A five-point harness keeps babies in place, so they don’t fall out or injure themselves as they learn to move. Many bouncy seats only come with a three-point harness around the belt, which does not keep babies as safe as a harness that also secures infants around the shoulders. The shoulder harnesses also include comfort bands to keep them from digging into your baby’s neck or other soft parts. 

The seat comes with at least two harness positions, which you can use by taking the belts out and inserting into a new slot securely, which is necessary for growing babies. Try to make sure the harness fits over the baby’s shoulders and not under the shoulders. It’s a quick, simple movement to adjust the straps, and you are back in business. 

Appearance and Cushions

Baby Jogger City Sway Bouncer Rocker front view
Baby Jogger City Sway Bouncer Rocker

The entire seat comes fully cushioned in soft jersey fabric for comfort and softness. It also comes with an infant insert for comfort and support while babies are too small to keep from rolling around. Once the infant outgrows the insert, you can remove it and store it for future use. 

As for appearance, the seat is all black and gray, with no other color options. It’s meant to blend in with your decor instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Most bouncy seats come in bright colors meant to engage babies, but they can’t see much of what they are sitting on anyway!

You can machine wash the infant insert and the seat cover and allow both to air dry. 

Final Thoughts 

Baby Jogger released its first jogging stroller in the 1980s. Creating a stroller to help new parents continue their fitness routine, the company has since extended to several different designs of strollers for parents. From jogging to travel strollers, Baby Jogger allows parents to be more active with the children, whether its exercising or taking in a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

The Baby Jogger City Sway Rocker Bouncer will be the first foray into new territory. They have a decent selection of prams for sleeping, but this will be the first bouncer available from the company.

As the newest addition to the Baby Jogger family and a new area of products for the company, you can expect great things from the City Sway Rocker. It offers an elegant design with plenty of features to create a comfortable sitting, napping, or placing space for little ones without clashing with your decor. Every feature a parent could want in a bouncy seat comes included in this well-thought-out and innovative design. 

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