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A Real Mom’s Review of the gb Lyfe Travel System: Your New Favorite Stroller

Finding the right system can be a hassle with so many different options available on the market. Some systems may contain one piece you do (or don’t) like, and mixing and matching is not always an option. The gb brand specializes in travel systems, with just a few items on the market. They offer affordable, yet luxury car seats, stroller, sleepers, and travel systems that work for an infant through a large toddler. There are three travel systems which they offer, and I am reviewing the gb Lyfe travel system.

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot

Travel systems are a must for moms today – you need to be able to keep on top of your busy schedule, and also bring baby in tow. A travel system ensures that you can go from your car to the sidewalk or grocery store with ease. A travel system is simply multiple pieces of infant or young children’s transportation needs, such as a car seat and strollers, which were designed to work together. It ensures that you can travel in ease and safety, without having to bring multiple pieces with you at all times.

The Features by Piece

Car Seat – Asana 35 DLX
The Asana 35 DLX is the car seat that comes with the gb Lyfe Travel System. As you see from the consumer reports quote below, it is the only approved seat they make for the US market and it is a good one!

It can safely hold a small newborn (4 lbs) through a toddler (35 lbs), including an infant insert, and attachable base. gb has been producing car seats for over 25 years.

The car seat is the only current car seat offering for gb, which has produced car seats for over 25 years. The most recent consumer reports has this to say about the car seat:

“New to our ratings, the GB Asana 35 DLX is the firstand currently onlychild seat offered under the GB brand. Though costly, the Asana scores a Best for crash protection in our tests, meaning its injury values and ability to avoid head contact provide a greater margin of safety in our tests than lower-rated competitors. The Asana is also one of the new seats that incorporates the load leg feature, which has shown to improve a seat’s performance in our tests. The Asana also rates highly for both ease-of-use and fit-to-vehicle, increasing your odds of getting it right in your own car. Features like its belt-tightening arm are helpful in tightening either the LATCH or vehicle seat belts.”

You can read the consumer safety report here.

Outside of safety, which of course is our top priority, the car seat also:

  • Safe for a child 4 to 35 pounds (a standard infant car seat size)
  • Up to a height of 32 inches (this will allow for use through the first birthday)
  • Infant insert for comfort
  • Includes car base attachment
  • Easy car seat installation
  • Includes the Fit Loc Protection system – securing baby in both the car and the stroller
  • Includes the  Fit-Loc Load Leg, reducing impact to the child’s head and neck in the event of a collision by over 50%
  • Includes Fit-Loc belt tightener, which places an extra 20 pounds of force when securing and tightening the car seat into place
  • The car seat, outside of the entire traveling system, comes in three colors: Midnight, Sterling, and Twilight.

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot


  • Parent cup holder
  • Removable safety bar (across front)
  • Large, netted under carriage for storage
  • Four modes: infant (with car seat attachment which secures for safety), rear facing European pram style, rear facing, and forward facing toddler
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Large canopy to hide your child from the sun and elements

gb also makes an umbrella stroller. You can read about it in our Best Umbrella Stroller article.

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot

The gb Lyfe Travel System Features


With the pram option, there is not much more appeal you could ask for. Some travel systems can start to look rather complicated, but each of the stroller positions is simply configured.
There are two color options available for this system, windowpane and merlot. Both of the actual stroller pads where the child would sit are lightly colored.

Windowpane – Windowpane has a darker gray base color with a very light gray “window pane” pattern. The gray colors would be ideal for hiding spit up, yet dark enough to hide minor dirt and stains. The pattern is simple, but eye catching, and definitely original. Windowpane is currently only available at Babies R Us.

Merlot – This color is a touch lighter than actual merlot (trust me, I know). But, I still really like this red color. And, they say that red items hold the best resale value. Merlot is currently only available on Amazon.com.


The stroller weighs in at 22 pounds, which is standard for most non-compact strollers. This is a decently low weight for a stroller which changes to four different positions. The stroller will fit into your backseat or trunk with ease.


This travel system, including two very important pieces, is reasonably priced. The stroller will be able to be used through toddlerhood until the child is even older, lending more value to the investment. Compared to other travel system, this one rings as a high return of investment for its small price tag.


Yes, this deserves it’s own section. This turns your stroller from stroller to baby changing station and traveling napper in one snap. Every mom can tell you the conundrum of finding a safe and clean spot to change your baby in public (cue public resrtoom baby changing table flashbacks), so having your own traveling changing table can spell the difference between a good afternoon at the park, or a germ disaster. It’s also the perfect set up for an infant to nap while getting fresh air and sun, and for mama to get out of the house for some exercise during those tough first months (or years). Plus, have you seen it? C.u.t.e!

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot


The simple design of this system allows you to easily go from car to stroller, and back again, pack up the stroller, and also change the stroller design if needed. The stroller folds up with a one step, two hand folding move. This is not going to folder to a non-modular stroller size, but is relatively small for

The wheels are EVA foam which will hold their shape for some time. Now, this isn’t a stroller for off-roading in the mountains, but the foam wheels will handle sidewalks and some rougher terrains well.

Here is a video on how the system is changed from one feature to another:

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot


The car seat safety is one of the highest rated on the marketing, including the Fit Loc Technology and Load leg (read more about the consumer report here or above), as well as the Belt Loc technology.

Other Options

The gb brand has three systems: Lyfe, Avara and Evoq. The Alara is more compact and lighter (one color available), while the Evoq is slightly heavier with more stroller features (three basic colors). If you are looking for something more compact, I would look into both of these systems as well.

The Down and Dirty Review


  • Rated as one of the safest car seats by Consumer Reports, including a load leg
  • Four strollers in one
  • Car seat that covers infant through 35 pounds
  • The pram. No explanation needed!
  • Simple design
  • Rear, parent-facing position. More and more research is showing us that a young child is overwhelmed in forward-facing car seats, strollers and baby carriers at young ages. It’s healthier for them to still be rear facing the parent until they are older. So, after baby is past the infant stage, they can still sit outside of the car seat and face the parent comfortably.
  • Extra large canopy on stroller (longer than most canopies)


  • There is no food and drink tray attachment available for the stroller
  • Some mothers were challenged unlocking the car seat from the stroller (per the reviews)

Let’s Review the Reviews

Some highlights include:

  • Many reviews by moms note that the car seat is awesome for newborns and even larger premies.
  • Removing the car seat from the stroller can be tricky. It cannot be pulled straight up, but must be from an angle. This is likely a safety feature, but may be hard to remember for a new, tired mama.
  • The system is a steal for the price.
  • Moms LOVE the bassinet and spacious compartment under the stroller.
  • Apparently the large canopy is extremely helpful.

Image of gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot

Though there are many travel systems out there, the gb brand has recently come to the United States, and truly brought with it a number of perks that the States had not yet seen. Between the safety ratings, simple design, and eye appeal of this system makes it a great purchase if you’re looking for a system to move with you from infancy to toddler, and look good doing it. 

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Danielle Olson
Danielle Olson

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5 thoughts on “A Real Mom’s Review of the gb Lyfe Travel System: Your New Favorite Stroller”

  1. Hello My daughter is due in dec. I was gifted the stroller & bassinet but no car seat. I have the Chicco Key Fit 30. Do you know if there is an adapter to use this car seat with this stroller? I would like to help make it easier on her.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  2. You show a photo of this stroller with a food/drink tray for the child but the cons say that one is not available?
    Were you able to get another one to work?

    • The picture with the child food and drink tray was provided by GB but it doesn’t come with the stroller or travel system, and we can’t find anywhere you can buy it separately.

  3. I was gifted the Evoq system. Do you know if the Asana car seats are compatible/interchangeable with other GB systems like Lyfe, QBit, Pockit, etc.?

    • Hey!

      So if you look it up on Amazon, they do offer an Asana adapter for the QBit. The Pockit+ has adapters that work for Cybex car seats, which means that they could/should work with the gb Asana. So you should be able to switch the car seat around for the Lyfe, QBit/QBit+, and Pockit+ strollers.


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