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4moms bounceRoo Honest Mom Review

by Nicole Dahl |

One of 4Moms company mottos is, “Believe in Better.” Is the bounceRoo better than other baby bouncers on the market?

4moms has consistently put out some of the most innovative baby gear on the market.  Ahead of the curve, their products seem almost futuristic.  As a big fan of the MamaRoo, I was eager to unbox the 4moms bounceRoo bouncer seat and watch my little infant bounce and coo. It seems like my expectations for this space-age looking baby rocker were a bit higher than they should have been.

Image of the 4moms, bounceRoo, Bouncer Seat, Dark Grey Classic


Beauty Meets Bouncy Chair

Just say no to bright green and orange! I have four kids but, somehow, I am still hanging onto a shred of my adult dignity.  As a result, I prefer my house to have some semblance of me actually living there and not just being a maid to the little people whom I gave life.  For this reason, I prefer baby gear that is neutral toned and not covered in bright colors and jungle creatures. Here is where 4moms shines, especially with the bounceRoo.  The simple, sleek,  baby bouncer chair is available in a solid grey, understated silver plush, and, for those of you who want a pop of color but a bit of sophistication, a classic confetti print.

Easy to hideaway: Sizewise, I can sneak it into a corner, its largest dimension being its 29-inch length. This bouncy chair is fully collapsible, which I will touch on later, so if you are really into out of sight, out of mind, you can stash this lightweight bouncer seat when not in use. While it is mostly plastic, the bounceRoo has a well made, sturdy feel to it. As far as the plastic quality, this is one of the best I have seen on baby product.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in three color designs
  • Small and easy to hide away

Image of the 4moms, bounceRoo, Bouncer Seat, Silver Plush by 4moms

Baby Bouncer and Vibrator

Bounce at your own pace. Looks are nice but the real reason you want the best baby bouncer possible is to soothe your little one when they are fussy or sleepy. The 4moms bounceRoo bouncer seat does, indeed, bounce, naturally as your baby move. This is actually pretty neat and much like the Baby Bjorn Bouncer, the bouncy chair my other kids have used.

Three modes, three intensities: Beyond the self-bounce feature, the bounceRoo has three different vibrating modes, adorably titled Heartbeat, Wave, and Bee. With those three vibration modes, there are three levels of intensity to choose from. This is a feature I like because some vibrating baby products seem to be so intense they actually keep the baby awake rather than soothe them to sleep. The 4moms bounceRoo does all this on just three AA batteries, saving you from the dreaded cord and outlet issues.

Did baby like it? Our test baby enjoyed sitting in the chair but we, the parental units, were less than impressed with the bounce factor. Even when she moved at her two-month-old best, the bounceRoo, well, sort of jostled, rather than bounced (maybe they should have named it the jostleRoo). We could bounce the baby bouncer for her with our hands, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

After the lackluster bounce performance, we moved onto vibration. I put my hand on the seat and could feel the difference in each of the modes, though I’m not sure it is enough of a variety to count as significant. The intensity option is a big plus. Our baby does not like super powerful vibrations so the lowest was perfect.


  • Self-bouncing
  • Three vibration modes
  • There intensity settings
  • Runs on AA batteries

Product Overview


Assembly Video

Houston, We Have a Problem

Uh-oh! Our baby girl sat in the bouncer chair for about twenty minutes, on Heartbeat, lowest intensity. The vibrations seemed very loud to me, but didn’t bother her. I had heard of motor issues but wasn’t sure if this is what we were experiencing.

Suddenly, our bounceRoo stopped. No vibration, no heartbeat, no buzzing sound. I took the baby out and did my best pretend-like-I-know-how-to-fix-things once over. I figured it was probably the batteries so I changed them out. That didn’t help. This bounceRoo never vibrated again.

Maybe we just have bad luck? Our neighbors have the bounceRoo and are saving it for their baby number two, on the way. They’ve never had any problems and have just had to change the batteries a few times. I checked out some online reviews and found, I am not alone. Other people have experienced the sudden stopping of their 4moms baby bouncer seat. It is absolutely an issue to consider before purchasing- just make sure you have hassle free return options.

Image of the 4moms, bounceRoo, Bouncer Seat, Dark Grey Classic

Have Bouncer Seat: Will Travel

Simple Assembly (I did it all by myself). It is an unspoken rule in my house that I am not allowed to put things together. I can have my husband, my mom, or my MIL put stuff together but, it never ends well when I get out the Philips Screwdriver and give it a whirl. However, for my reviews, I put on my big mom pants and give it a try. Safe to say, you, no matter who you are, will easily be able to put this baby bouncer seat together. If I can do it, you sure as heck can.

It’s a mere six pounds. Your baby probably weighs more than this baby rocker. The 4moms bounceRoo bouncer seat folds up, super easy-like, and is super portable. If you are taking baby to work or to a caretaker’s home and don’t want to buy an extra bouncer, that is an attractive amenity.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable

BounceRoo Bonuses

Unzip and wash! Here is the thing about baby bouncy seats. They tend to bounce and vibrate the #2s right out of babies!  Thankfully, the bounceRoo is super simple to wash. Since you just zip off the cover, and toss it in the washing machine, clean-up is easy.

Baby gets a visual: Like most 4moms gear, the bounceRoo comes with a baby mobile, one side in color and one side in black and white. Babies cannot see full color and 3-D until they are round five months old so black and white toys are though tot be easier for them to process in infancy. The mobile doesn’t stay in the intended slot very well so, as lovely as it may be, I tossed it into the communal toy bin for the older kids to play with.

I would sleep in it! The 4moms bouncer seat is super comfy, with a soft luxe material, and super safe, with harness straps. Your little babe isn’t going anywhere. The seat is intended for babies, up to 25-pounds who are unable to sit up. If you want the bounceRoo newborn insert, that is going to cost you extra.

Image of the 4moms Reversible Newborn Insert Multi/Polka Dot

  • Washable
  • Includes a mobile
  • Comfortable

Customer Reviews

  • 3.7 stars, 62 reviews – BabiesRUs
  • 3.8 stars, 38 reviews – Target
  • 3.6 stars, 33 reviews – Buy Buy Baby
  • 3.4 stars, 67 reviews – Diapers.com


  • Available in pleasant color palettes
  • Portable, foldable, and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and wash
  • Three vibration modes and three intensity levels


  • Self-bouncing ineffective
  • Reported motor issues
  • Newborn insert is extra
  • Mobile doesn’t fit and stay in well

Bottom Line:

4moms does an amazing job at product design and marketing. I have purchased two 4moms products now, expecting them to be life-changing and, so far, changed my life they have not. In fact, as I write this, I am bouncing my baby to sleep, with my foot, while she sits in her Baby Bjorn Bouncer, something I can’t do with the bounceRoo because on the large base and electronic push pad. With its lightweight, portable design, this baby bouncy chair has great potential of being a first choice but until 4moms works through all the motor issues, it isn’t worth the high asking price.

Nicole Dahl
Nicole Dahl is half-writer, half-mom. After over a decade in marketing and public relations, she has committed herself to writing about mom life. Dedicated to finding the best stuff at the best price, Nicole takes product research seriously. The University of Arizona alumnus enjoys reading, dancing with her daughters, yoga, a good glass of red wine, and a long Netflix marathon.

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